The green revolution that is sweeping the planet is seeing a number of people trying to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the worst culprits when it comes to energy consumption is your heating and cooling system. Air-conditioners and heaters guzzle electricity as if there is no tomorrow but, in a country that gets as hot as Australia, how exactly do you live without your air-conditioner?

The First Step

Your roof is the most important temperature regulator in your house and a really great way to take advantage of this is to install whirlybirds. These mini-turbines take advantage of wind power to literally suck out the air in the roof cavity and thus allow air to circulate throughout the house. Installation is simple and a professional Roofing Sydney would be able to install them quite quickly.

Hello Summer

Summer in Oz is hot. No one will argue the fact. A whirlybird on the roof will suck up the hot air that rises and is trapped in your roof. This, in turn, means that the air in the whole house can circulate and, if you do have to put the air conditioner on, it will not have to work as hard to cool hot air. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint but also your electricity bill.

Bye Bye Summer

Obviously in winter, heat is not as much of an issue so you may be trying to figure out why a whirlybird would be good in winter. Air circulation is important at any time of the year and never more important than in winter. The winter air is heavy with moisture and this can cause damage to the roof in terms of its structural integrity. You will find that moisture build in the roof, if not dealt with can lead to mould and mildew developing. The beams of the roof may also start to rot. The best way to deal with these potential problems is to ensure that they never get a foothold in the first place. Check in with a company that specialises in Metal roofing Sydney in order to find out about installing a whirlybird in order to remove the air and keep the inside of your roof dry.

Whirlybirds are really the way forward for those that wish to live a greener lifestyle and those that want to save a bit of money. They can be made to fit in with any roof and will blend beautifully. Installation is a doddle and maintenance thereafter is simple. They can really become a great feature in the maintenance of your home.