In Sydney, as in most of the world, it is required by law to have a license issued by the Department of Fair Trading in order to work construction; this includes any construction work to be done as a roofer. There are even specific types of license a roofer can be issued.

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These relate to specific functions, such as a roof plumbing license, with which roofers can install colorbond roofs and flashings as well as gutters and downpipes. There is also a roof tiling license, which allows roofers to install cement, terracotta and slate roofs. You should always ensure when hiring a roofer or a roofing Sydney company that the contractors within are fully licensed to perform the specific jobs for which you’re hiring them. There are roofers who are only licensed with one specification, so with them you’ll need to check and see whether they are licensed to perform your particular task; but if possible it’s always best to find a roofing contractor professional who is both trained and licensed to do more than one function.

At RK Roofing we have a Plumbers License allowing us install Colorbond Roofs and flashings, gutters and downpipes. We also have a Roof Tillers License allowing us to install cement, terracotta and slate roofs

These professionals are trained and certified to do more than just roofing repairs. They are trained to handle all of Australia’s living conditions and harsh roofing issues. You will find companies that are qualified to make sure that everything goes as planned and you will have an affordable bill after.

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There are companies that charge you more money, but that does not always mean that the job they perform will be up to your exacting standards.

It’s always better to have someone who is fully trained and licensed do any sort of contracting work; this probably goes double when you’re talking about your roof.

Your roof keeps the sun off of your head, the rain out of your home, and the ambient temperature within your walls comfortable. With poorly or improperly installed roofing, you run the risk of leaks or breakage.

Why sacrifice quality work by using an unlicensed contractor for a better price? In the end, you may find yourself paying out more for repairs on the work you just had completed, which makes it more expensive in the long run.

These are all very good reasons why you should have your metal roofing Sydney replaced, repaired or installed by a licensed professional roofer, but perhaps the most convincing one is this: the manufacturers of roofing materials will often not honour the warranty of their products if thier products are not installed by a properly trained and licensed roofer.

Not only that, but you’ll need that part replaced or repaired again, at further cost coming out of your pocket.

To ensure that your roof is covered, contact the team at RK Roofing Today for all of your roofing requirements.