If it is time to add a new roof or replace an old one, you need to seriously consider what roofing materials you will use. If you thought that your only option was tiles, you were wrong. A newer alternative to roof tiles is Colorbond metallic roof sheets. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to both.

First up, let us take a look at metallic roof sheets. If your mind automatically goes to corrugated iron roofs, think again. Corrugated iron had its place – it was pretty decent as roofing materials went – until it started to rust. You did find that it was not good for insulation and so the house could get unbearably hot. Colorbond, on the other hand, although it is a metal roof, will not rust. It was developed as a viable and durable replacement for corrugated iron roofs. In fact, you will find that more and more new developments are choosing their roofing Northern Beaches style and going with Colorbond.

It actually looks as though metal roofing is becoming the preferred option with developers and consumers alike. Metal sheeting is a lot quicker and easier to install than tiles and weighs a lot less as well. This makes it easier to design houses because you do not have to worry as much about the load bearing capabilities of the rafters. The ease of installation makes this a less expensive alternative to tiles and, with the wide range of colours available, a very stylish one as well. You also do not have to be as concerned about burglars removing a couple of roof tiles and entering your house that way. The downside is that, when installing some household fixtures, like air conditioners there is more to it than simply moving a few tiles out of the way. The rain does make a bit more noise than on a ceramic tile roof. There are cracked tiles to worry about but, should some area of roof need repairs, you will have to replace the whole sheet.

Roof tiles are what many people grew up with and are typically synonymous with quality. This is reflected in the hefty price tag but tiles do look classic and beautiful. It does take longer to install them but, should one break, it is easier to replace a tile than a sheet of roofing. Tiles do tend to get grimier though. They can also be very difficult to clean and usually require specialised cleaning every couple of years to look brand new. The best advice to drive around and compare metal roofing Sydney projects to tiled ones.

In the end, it is largely a matter of personal preference but remember your ultimate decision affects the maintenance and upkeep for the rest of your house’s life.