Due to a harsh climate, roofing Sydney takes a serious beating all day, every day. And when the roofing tiles start to crack and break, these tiles start failing to protect your roof, and therefore your home, from the elements. So this one type of maintenance you do not want to let slide. Repointing roof tiles can be a long, arduous process. While not necessarily difficult, it is a time consuming task that must needs be completed every few years, and there are several steps in this process. Not to mention, working on a rooftop is just inherently dangerous, no matter how you look at it.

Roof tiles need to be repointed when they start to crack or break, or are missing altogether. The process starts off with removing all traces of the loose pointing material used on the tile and cleaning all the ridge capping joints with a wire brush. This, depending upon the number of tiles to be repointed and the condition thereof, could take a good amount of time. Once the roofing contractor has ensured that the tiles have been cleaned of all debris and old pointing material, they can start repointing your roof tiles.

Traditionally, roof tiles were repointed with a mixture containing one part cement and four parts sand. This sand and cement mixture has been found to be ineffective as it is brittle and inflexible; it tends to crack over time. Pointing is available to handle small amounts of movement much better than the sand and cement mixture. Nowadays, tiles are affixed to the roof with flexible pointing material. This material comes in a variety of colours, so there’s no concern over whether the pointing will clash or stand out with the roofing tiles. The roofing contractor will use a pointing towel apply the pointing on either side of the ridge capping tiles, along the joins and completely covering the sand and cement mixture previously used.

While it is not impossible for someone to do this job themselves, there are a few reasons why it’s not necessarily a great idea. Number one, if you’re not someone who is used to standing on rooftops regularly, you may be more prone to misjudging or losing your balance. Also, as with any construction job, if you are not experienced in the project you’re performing, you run the risk of doing it improperly and it will need to be fixed. Then you’ve wasted your time, money and energy doing something that, had it been done properly by a contractor in the first place, you would have been able to forget about for a few years. So go out and look for metal roofing Sydney or tile repair companies, get your roof tiles repointed by a professional, and be free of the worry of future roofing problems.